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Professor Susan Sturm

Susan Sturm is a Professor of Law at Columbia University School of Law who specializes in issues involving race and gender in the workplace, employment discrimination, and creative remedies. She is currently exploring how law can be reshaped to enable race and gender to serve as springboards for tackling general issues of fairness, productivity, and participation in the workplace. Prof.Sturm is supported in this work by Ford and Mott Foundation grants aimed at developing sites and processes for successful multi-racial problem solving, particularly in the workplace setting. Widely recognized as an innovative thinker, Prof. Sturm writes extensively and is frequently sought after to present her ideas at panels and symposia organized by such diverse groups as the National Research Council, Temple University, Harvard Civil Rights Project, Rockefeller Foundation and the Open Society Institute.

Before joining the Columbia Law School faculty in July 2000, Prof. Sturm was a Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. She is a graduate of Yale Law School and Brown University. She teaches in the areas of employment discrimination, civil procedure, critical perspectives on race and gender, and public interest advocacy.

Among Prof. Sturm's recent articles are:

Current works in progress include:

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